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Janet Crown

In 60 minutes, Aree obliterated every preconceived notion that I ever had about Yoga. 

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I am not a yogi. I am impatient. I like to run and move fast. Less than 24 months ago, I thought Yoga was a slow, boring, painful stretching class for people who didn’t really like to work out. And then I took Aree’s class. 

She offered an experience beyond the normal or physical level. Her classes have changed my body and my perspective. It sounds cliché, but this amazing instructor reaches every student (and her classes are sold out) and teaches them how to locate and liberate his or her greatest potential.

Kirk Pereria

I have become the strongest physically I have ever been in my life, and I have made what I know to be life long friends from literally all walks of life.


Aree’s class is a life changer. Her unique style of motivating by demonstration, allegory and cheerleading creates a class environment where breakthroughs, whether personal or for other yogis, occur on a daily basis.

I have been practicing for 20 years in LA. In finding Aree’s class several years ago, she has helped deepen my practice on the mat, but almost more profoundly, her desire to help you take your yoga off the mat and apply it to all aspects of your life has been the most amazing thing for me.

Suzie Brown

Aree’s unique mix of power, integrity, uncompromising standards and passionate but gentle coaching and encouragement has helped me excel. 

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Letting go of force and learning to “go with flow” has been a powerful lesson for me.  Aree helped me commit to my practice, learn patience and compassion for myself, for my efforts, for my progress, day in and day out.  She has encouraged me to focus on what I can do versus what I cannot do.

She has helped me let go, find my “soul” and surrender to my mat and in that I’ve experienced a new joy in life.  Aree’s teaching has helped me find success in and out of the yoga studio.

She gives students no choice but to confront their ability to achieve greatness and work hard.


Every class she teaches from yoga sculpt to power flow is truly a unique experience containing seductive playlists and metaphorical short stories to help set an intention. Aree’s work ethic and determination is supreme. 

Overall, she prepares the army for anything life may throw their way, whether that be gratitude for all the good transpiring or strength to persist through an unexpected storm. As a result, I am stronger mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Allan Fanucchi

#AREESARMY is one of the few groups in LA that has brought the word community back to yoga. 

It started out as an idea, which turned into a phenomenon, that's become a way of life.

It's equally challenging, fun, supportive, and invigorating; where something is said that resonates and changes you're outlook on life the second you walk out the door.


Lead by a fierce badass yogini, #AREESARMY is a destination point for anyone looking to have a great time and continue developing their practice or internal goals.

Brian Matsushima 
Brian M..jpeg

Invigorating, Revolutionary, Excruciating, Profound. There's yoga that you go to and then there is yoga that you can't stop going to 

Aree's class is the latter.  When you choose to partake in the “Aree Method of Yoga” you’re deciding to do something that others shy away from; you’re making the decision to push your mind and body to their absolute limits. As someone who had recently given up competitive sport her class provided me with the competitive intensity and spirit of camaraderie that I did not even know that I was missing.

Kevin May
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To classify Aree Khodai as a yoga instructor paints somewhat of an incomplete picture; in all actuality, she is a warrior of the light. 

As such, Aree Khodai is a tenacious leader who empowers those around her to be more courageous and honest in their pursuit of love, equanimity, and grace.  These qualities, coupled with her fierce work ethic, her unwavering commitment to the struggle and uncertainty of the journey, and her unbridled enthusiasm and passion for diversity of thought and expression, all set Aree Khodai far and apart from the rest of the peers in her field.

Kai Weingarten

It's no coincidence that Aree Khodai literally means divine wish.

She inspires the  kind of divine yoga that comes with; uniquely inspired flows paired with a meticulously  catered musical journey, ethereal flight, grounding spirituality, attention to every detail, purposeful alignment, breathtaking workout, self discovery and  self reflection, and spiritual connection to the community of  yogis that Aree brings together.  But then again Aree dismisses all of that to always remind you that your divine best is within you and all she demands is for you to seek it, to believe in it and to bring it to your practice every time.   

 Kamran Pourzanjani 

Aree has taught me to be more humble, kind, curious, and brave.


In the past six months, Aree has become one of my most favorite humans, and friend.

I am forever grateful to have discovered her challenging yet fun class (never a dull moment lol), and will continue to follow and honor her forever! I LOVE HER TO DEATH! 

Brigitte Tran
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