Janet Crown

In 60 minutes, Aree obliterated every preconceived notion that I ever had about Yoga. 

Kirk Pereria

I have become the strongest physically I have ever been in my life, and I have made what I know to be life long friends from literally all walks of life.

Suzie Brown

Aree’s unique mix of power, integrity, uncompromising standards and passionate but gentle coaching and encouragement has helped me excel. 

She gives students no choice but to confront their ability to achieve greatness and work hard.

Allan Fanucchi

#AREESARMY is one of the few groups in LA that has brought the word community back to yoga. 

Brian Matsushima 

Invigorating, Revolutionary, Excruciating, Profound. There's yoga that you go to and then there is yoga that you can't stop going to 

Kevin May

To classify Aree Khodai as a yoga instructor paints somewhat of an incomplete picture; in all actuality, she is a warrior of the light. 

Kai Weingarten

It's no coincidence that Aree Khodai literally means divine wish.

 Kamran Pourzanjani 

Aree has taught me to be more humble, kind, curious, and brave.

Brigitte Tran