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My Vision

The first thing I ask of anyone in my class, no matter what level they are at in their personal journey, is to come with a positive attitude and the willingness to put in the work.  My classes are playful yet deep; offering the physical, spiritual and emotional benefits I continue to experience through my own yoga practice.


Aree Khodai

Certified Yoga Instructor

After years in finance – during a difficult time in my job but also a difficult time in my marriage – I took my first yoga class and could not get enough.  My practice began with Bikram yoga, where I learned through self-discipline and dedication that anything is possible.  Like many, I enrolled in a teacher training program to deepen my personal practice.  After witnessing the power of yoga, on and off the mat, I was drawn to teach.

With a foundation and appreciation for strong holds, I moved to the more graceful mind/body connection of Vinyasa flow as a transition to the power classes that I now teach.  My style of power-flow combines the discipline and intensity of Bikram with the breath, movement and musicality of Vinyasa.  

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